Hello, this is
The Yummy Truck Project.

academic project, 2014.

Academic Project based on a real-life problem, The Yummy Truck is a project made for people, so far only as an idea, but hoping to turn into something tangible. Hunger can be found everywhere, and it's not different in New York City. To think of something to change this particular situation is tough and challenging, but for the class Junior Design, after a research on the theme, The Yummy Truck Project was born. Working mainly with donations, the ingredients used would be the ones still good enough to be eaten, but not good enough to be sold in bodegas and supermarkets.

The Brand.

The App.

Why not make it easier for the ones who are going to use it and have access to a phone - pretty much almost everyone - to have information on the truck such as: where the truck is, meal of the day and an electronic card to identify people who are registered to the program. The Yummy Truck App: Find the nearest Yummy Truck in an easier way. An experiment in app design.

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