Hello, it's me.

Hello there!

I'm Carla Marques, a 22 year old brazilian graphic designer with a strong passion for typography and all things handmade and here's why we should work together/hang out/be friends: besides being a super fun person to have around, I am always interested in learning new subjects and skills, I'm a full-time curious and can never stop searching random subjects to talk about over dinner. I am experienced in Branding, Web Design (with a little bit of HTML and CSS here and there), designs for both online and offline media outlets. And talking about typography, I own an instagram called @letteringcomdende with my lettering experiments and sketches.

During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity of living and studying in New York City at St. John's University, which gave me so many experiences and a new vision not only for personal and career development.

software skills


work experience


Freelance Designer


Junior Designer at Clubbe 'TGT


Design Intern at Orbit 360, Inc.


Social Media Intern at Marcativa